Whoitam Bangla OCR

It is a Bangla OCR. It recognizes only Bangla characters from image and makes editable text in ANSI or Unicode output. Here train datas are provided only standard from of characters and distorted, small characters are not provided as train data. So, it works good with 300dpi(Scanner Setting) scanned image. Some new technologies are used in here. It is accurate near 95% in word level. It is written in pure Microsoft DOT NET C# 2012 and without any external dependencies. First select a text area as a polygon by “New Selection” button and clicking on image. Then click “Start OCR”. If you select output in Unicode, then you can perform spell check. Our words collection for spell check is small. So, spell check can’t perform good.

It requires Microsoft DOT NET Framework 4.5 or higher. Please install it from Microsoft installer. The download link is http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkID=225702

*Note 1: Some antivirus can detect it as a virus. But it is not a virus. False positive detection occurs because, we have provided a protection cover to protect this from decompilling, crackers and this protection cover some real virus uses too. So, some antivirus detects it as a virus for only this protection cover. We have not supplied this software sample to the antivirus companies to avoid this false positive detection. Because, we always update and improve Whoitam Bangla OCR.

*Note 2: After installed start it by “Run as administrator”.

Whoitam Monitor Intensity

Whoitam Monitor Intensity changes Monitor light intensity for eye protection at night time. It adjusts the intensity smoothly according to its minimum value and the Sun position. The minimum value can be adjusted. It is totally free. Please give us feedback to set a good default minimum value of intensity. It requires Microsoft Net Framework 4.5.

Whoitam Map Measurement

Whoitam Map Measurement is very user friendly and easy to use. It is special for measuring scanned image. It makes easy, difficult process of measuring and adjusting map with few steps. It is accurate with many features. You can zoom to measure small length, get results with common units and real world inch, measure automated area and vectorize it automatically, merge image and measure it flying, use many filters useful to measure and finally save whole things as a project file.

Raster To Vector

This feature helps to make a vector(dxf file) from a raster image for editing
them by Adobe Illustrator or AutoCad software. To make a vector from a
raster image first you have to make a Black-White and CenterLine image.
You can do these by Whoitam Image Measurement easily.

Step 1: Main Menu>Image>Filter>Other>Threshold… or Threshold 2… or
Auto Threshold
This will make a Black-White image.

Step 2: Main Menu>Image>Filter>Other>Make CenterLine
This will make a CenterLine image.

Now Main Menu>Tools>Raster To Vector…
as shown in video. After Vectorisation you can save the vector as a dxf file.

Count Object

An object in image mean, an identifiable portion of an image that
can be interpreted as a single unit. The shape of these objects can
be any type. Here white color will be determined as background and
other colors as objects. Count Object means getting the width, height
amount, position, area of these objects. Here to count object first
you have to adjust the threshold for making your objects visible.
Then click “Count”.