The Adjust (Main Menu>Image>Adjust…) function is very useful. You can adjust brightness, contrast, gamma, hue, saturation with separately red, green, blue channel at a time. You will be able to show the preview same time

Image Size

It supports images up to size of 3000x3000px. But don’t worry about images bigger than 3000x3000px. Big images will be automatically stretched to 3000px and the image resolution will be automatically adjusted according to new size. So, there is no need to change or adjust the calibration and you will be able to use all the features. If you want to measure a big image in original resolution then you can insert a 3000x3000px part of that image from Main Menu>File>Picture Viewer…

Measuring length and Angles in Degrees in an image using Whoitam Image Measurement

Whoitam Image Measurement is a special tool for measuring length with angle in degrees. It can measure length between two points with automatic calibration or custom Calibration. It shows degrees at the same time. It also shows the length of a point where nearest color of that laying under first point is present.

Using Whoitam Image Measurement to determine areas

Whoitam Image Measurement is a special tool for measuring area on a map or any image. After automatic selection it shows perimeter, width, height, area of selection. Enabling “Analyze” option is accurate but, it shows sometime slightly different two result when clicking on different position in a same region. Then you have to choose the bigger one as result. Calibration is available. It has other features like clearing noise in selection automatically. You can also measure area by polygon tool.

How to visualize GPS Nmea data by Whoitam Image Measurement

It is a feature that creates maps from geographic data. Whoitam Image Measurement can connect to data to draw maps. Another means of connecting to data is simply a file. NMEA data is in text form and can be logged using GPS device or any other terminal program capable of storing RS-232 data to a file. Whoitam Image Measurement can read through a NMEA file and use the data to draw map just as it would connected through a RS-232 communications port. Using the NMEA data from the GPS receiver, Whoitam Image Measurement will display various statuses graphically. First set resolution of whole cad like 5 square kilometer or 100 square kilometer etc. Then you will see the recommended calibration for measuring. Select a point on cad where first tracking will start. Then set scale and click on “Start Drawing”.