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Activation Process

First Collect “email.key” file via pursing the software. The “email.key” file contains your any(hotmail) email address as encrypted. Place this “email.key” file in application directory and start the software. To activate the software go to activation window. The encrypted email address in “email.key” file will be decrypted automatically in “Activation Email” box in activation window. Then enter your email password and configure SMTP settings. Now connect to internet and click on “Send Verification Code to Activation Email”. Then open the email inbox in browser. Copy the verification code from verification email send by the software. Enter the verification code in activation window. Select a harddrive(serial) installed on your system. Then Click “Generate harddriveserial.key File” to generate activation key named “harddriveserial.key” file. Now the software is activated until your system contains the selected harddrive(serial). If you change or remove the selected harddrive(serial) from your system then do this activation process again by email verification code for your new harddrive(serial). Store carefully your “email.key” file in a safe place to activate the software next time for a new harddrive(serial).