Whoitam Software and Technology

Whoitam Software and Technology We love to creating and our creative approach involves rigorous design and usability testing to create superior software for everyone. Having both a strong creative background and the technical knowledge needed for software design and development. Our team combine form and function to create visually appealing, easy to use apps people want to use. We have a great understanding of the complete process required to deliver highly successful projects from start to finish. Also we're here to help you for learning about the basic concepts of related subjects. Please take a look around our site at some of the web for those we are particularly proud of.

Whoitam Image Measurement
The land is our most valuable resource. It is indeed much more than this: it is the means of life without which we could never have existed and on which our continued existence and progress depend. The resources of the land are neither inexhaustible nor indestructible, as many  ... 

Whoitam Map Measurement
Whoitam Map Measurement is very user friendly and easy to use. It is special for measuring scanned image. It makes easy, difficult process of measuring and adjusting map with few steps. It is accurate with many features. You can zoom to measure small length, get results with common units  ... 

Whoitam Auto Path Clip
Whoitam Auto Path Clip is very user friendly and easy to use. It is special for cliping complex path in
image with some difference between foreground and background easily with few steps. It is automatic. You
can try it or test it with a demo.  ... 

Whoitam SMS Sender
Whoitam SMS Sender can send mass SMS. It is easy to use it. USB modem is required for it. Different monitor system is provided for 100% SMS arrival. It also supports automatic network package activation by any code number. ... 

Whoitam Multimedia Class
Whoitam Multimedia Class is a unique program that can create and play animation. For digital multimedia class in school, collage, it is very useful. It is easy and robust. With a few click now you can create and play high quality animations. ... 

Whoitam World Clock
Shows current time of all the main regions of world. It is free.  

Whoitam Effect
Whoitam Effect makes an amazing effect on video from local file. The effect is a mixture of cartoon, paint and oil painting. Effect can be applied on live preview or convert and save a video file with effect. It is totally free ! It requires Microsoft Net Framework 4.5. Enjoy this. 

Whoitam Monitor Intensity
Whoitam Monitor Intensity changes Monitor light intensity for eye protection at night time. It adjusts the intensity smoothly according to its minimum value and the Sun position. The minimum value can be adjusted. It is totally free. Please give us feedback to set a good default minimum value of intensity.
It requires Microsoft Net Framework 4.5.

Whoitam Moon Age
It is an offline Moon age viewer. Here is a "Age" indicator that tells you how many days old the Moon is, from when it was a new Moon and "Visible" indicator tells you the percentage of the Moon visibility. It is quiet accurate. Latitude and longitude can be changed by saving of any where to get the Moon age of that area. It also shows an animation of the moon visibility. It is free and requires Microsoft Net Framework 4.5.

Whoitam Cartoonizer
Whoitam Cartoonizer is a free image to cartoon converter. Interface is easy. With a few clicks you can convert an image like a cartoon by it.